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Dr. Javier Lopez threatens to sue his own stem cell patient for posting her story on the internet.

Click HERE to read the "Cease and Desist" letter sent from his lawyer.

After receiving a lot of stem cells at the Regenerative Medicine Institute at Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, my chronic disease showed NO SIGNS of IMPROVEMENT after 10 months.



Hello, my name is Shamra. I’ve had cryptogenic (cause unknown) cirrhosis of the liver since 2002. I also have an autoimmune disease of the pituitary gland that would make a liver transplant very risky, so I opted to get stem cells at the Regenerative Medicine Institute at Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico.

Here are my medical documents from Hospital Angeles on Oct. 10th, 11th and 12th.

43 Page Medical Document (14MB)

My friend Arthur Barnett (Art) received stem cells on the same day. He passed away 90 days later. To view his story click here.


This was the biggest decision of my life because of the cost, so I asked Dr. Jesus Perez, the medical coordinator, his receptionist, Giselle, and their clinical trial coordinator if any patients over the past 2 years needed to return for more stem cells. All three said, “

Dr. Jesus Perez told me multiple times that ONLY ONE TREATMENT was needed to regenerate my liver and correct my autoimmune disease.

After receiving 155 million stem cells on October 11, 2011 (my initial and only treatment), I waited the required 3 months (90 days) for the stem cells to regenerative my liver. When NOTHING CHANGED after 15 weeks, Dr. Jesus Perez agreed that I would need more stem cells.

However, after 5 months from receiving stem cells on October 11, 2011, he changed his stance, saying it would take well into the 6th month to see the full benefits when he says that “patients typically see results after 2-3 weeks. The verifiable and measurable results occur after 90 days” (see Video #1 - minute marker 4:08).

He further boosted my confidence in The Regenerative Medicine Institute by saying that I had a “better chance” for regeneration than their COPD patients, all of whom did not need to return for more stem cells.

Why did Dr. Jesus Perez say I would perhaps be their “best patient” in reversing my cirrhosis? “As sure as I’m good looking, you’re going to get better,” he told me.


My blood tests at 13 and 15 weeks after receiving stem cell therapy showed NO IMPROVEMENT OR REGENERATION of my liver cirrhosis, verifying a cirrhotic liver.

I also had two ultrasounds, one BEFORE my stem cell therapy and one AFTER my stem cell therapy, both verifying a heterogeneous echotecture (scarring) or liver cirrhosis (see pages 6,7 at link below).

It has been over 7 months since October 11, 2011 when I had my stem cell treatment at the Regenerative Medicine Institute in Tijuana, Mexico.

I still suffer from autoimmune hypophysitis. My blood tests AFTER my stem cell treatment shows low thyroid hormones (T3, T4 and TSH - thyroid stimulating hormone), indicating autoimmune hypothyroidism.



The Regenerative Medicine Institute says that 1/2 cup of adipose (fat derived) stem cells are sufficient to reach the therapeutic threshold, the amount of stem cells it takes to reverse a disease.

Dr. Jesus Perez says that at least 50 million stem cells are needed to reach the therapeutic threshold for many common diseases. Since I received over three times that amount (155 million stem cells), Dr. Jesus Perez told me "don't worry" (see Video #2 minute marker 2:47).

Dr. Perez also said that all of their patients (which were well over 30 last year at this time) showed “marked improvement” (see Video #2 minute marker 4:57).

What does he mean by “marked improvement?" How much did they improve? 25 percent? 50 percent? We really don’t know.


A MELD Score is a scoring system used to determine when a person needs a liver transplant (based on blood tests of INR, Creatinine and Bilirubin). A patient typicallly receives a transplant if their Meld Score reaches above 25 points.

My score was 14 points before the stem cell treament on October 11, 2011 and is currently 14 points as of May 2012 (see pdf document HERE).

A patient is put on a liver transplant list if their Meld Score is either a 5 or above.

If the stem cell treatment WAS effective, then my score should be ZERO!

Dr. Jesus Perez told me that the stem cells “stabilized” my liver. However, my MELD Score has been the same for the past 5 years before, during, and even 7 months after the stem cell treatment (still at 14).


Less than 24 hours after my surgery and stem cell therapy, Dr. Jesus Perez brought a video camera into my hospital room. He wanted me to give Hospital Angeles a good review of my experience there, which has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the treatment.

It’s completely impossible to gauge any real results so soon. It takes 90 days to see any “verifiable and measurable results,” as Dr. Jesus says to all his patients and in his video.

I didn’t spend $25,000 to stay 2 nights in a luxury hospital hotel just to give them a testimonial of how pleasant it was there.

So why did Dr. Perez come into my recovery room the next morning after my treatment to get a testimonial? That seemed really strange.

I was still in a lot of pain and on pain medicine when he was requesting a video testimonial.


I told Dr. Perez before I received stem cells that I was not taking any medications because they gave me horrible side effects due to my liver’s inability to detoxify toxins in pharmaceutical drugs.

Here in California, my doctors gave me small doses of drug medications to see how my liver reacted before increasing to higher doses.

Nevertheless, I went home with about 5 different drug medications. Dr. Perez told me that the stem cells would not be effected by the toxins in the drug medications.

I followed his advice. Unfortunately, this was a MISTAKE. I had a severe reaction due to the toxins that gave me a week long migraine, nose bleeds, night sweats, the chills and a fever.

It was a living hell and for a long 7 days and it was the most miserable suffering I had ever experienced in my entire life!

I felt like someone had opened my head and poured poison inside my body. After I stopped taking the medications, these symptoms slowly dissipated.

After crying on the phone from this stressful pain, they told me that the “stem cells are working as we speak,” 
reassuring me that they would “not be effected by the drugs."

Is it possible that this is why my liver didn’t regenerate?


At the end of March 2012, Dr. Jesus Perez declined to give me Dr. Javier Lopez’s email address and cell phone number.

Dr. Javier Lopez, the CEO and President of the Stem Cell Program at Hospital Angeles, makes the financial decisions, so you can understand why I needed to talk with him about my dilemma.

Dr. Perez’s excuses were:

#1 - He said Dr. Lopez doesn’t want his phone to ring during his meetings.

#2 - His secretary who had Dr. Lopez's email address was out to lunch.

However, Dr. Perez told me he forwarded my emails to Dr. Javier Lopez. Wouldn’t he have Dr. Lopez’s email, the CEO and President with whom he converses daily, in order to forward my emails? Absolutely (s
ee Video #3 minute marker 4:19).


I’ve been waiting for Dr. Javier Lopez to call me to discuss the failed outcome of my stem cell treatment. I have not gotten one phone call or email since March 27th, 2012.

Perhaps they’ve abandoned me as their patient because they don’t want to give me more stem cells OR compensate for my $25,000.00 loss!

Dr. Javier Lopez tried calling me from March 19-23, but we kept missing each other. When he did call, he left no voice mail messages. When I called him back, it went directly to his automated voice mail.

My last conversation with Dr. Perez was to ask Dr. Lopez to continue to call me until we make contact. Dr. Lopez has not made any further attempt to reach me since then (March 27th, 2012) (see Video #4 minute marker 2:32).


The mission of the Regenerative Medicine Institute is to provide a high-quality, coordinated patient-centered plan for chronic degenerative disease diagnosis and treatment that promotes the dignity of the individual, family, and friends.

In support of this, we are committed to:

#1-Maintaining a compassionate, responsive, patient-centered practice.
#2-Educating the community against the threat of chronic degenerative disease, and for those affected the hope of effective treatment and care.
#3-Providing a staff of highly trained care-givers dedicated to serving our patients, survivors, family members, and friends.
#4-Ensuring a level of excellence and integrity in medical management that serves as a model in the community.


They say they “are a professional group, completely dedicated to the patient” (see Video #4 minute marker 1:46).

Their Actions Shout Louder than their Lips.

They haven’t shown any COMPASSION nor have they been RESPONSIVE.

They Win! I Lose!

If they feel Comfortable That I Lost $25,000.00,

If they feel Comfortable That I Have Shown NO IMPROVEMENT,

If they feel Comfortable DUMPING me as their Patient,

Would You Feel Comfortable Being A Patient At Hospital Angeles?

This Is My Story. I am Committed to Spreading The Facts So Others Will Not Be Injured by The Regenerative Medicine Institute At Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico.

May God bless you in your search for better health,

Shamra L. H.